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Ubisoft Stockholm

Ubisoft Stockholm Announced, Will Work on Avatar & Other AAA Games

Ubisoft is looking to hire 300 people for their Swedish studios.

DICE GM Patrick Bach Departs Studio (Update)

Leaving on a high note…

DICE Was “Fully Booked” When it Was Approached to Make Star Wars Battlefront But Couldn’t Say “No”

They thought they couldn’t do it.

DICE: Single-Player Was “Never in the Plan” for Star Wars Battlefront

DICE has been under immense pressure.

DICE Working on a Third Unannounced Game

More shootbang, most likely.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Will Include Multiplayer Features But No Live Competitive Modes

You’ll still be connected to other players.

DICE Explains Why Star Wars Battlefront is More of a Reboot

Analyzing the good and bad.

Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Have Iron Sight Aiming, Will Have Scopes

The team wanted to make a game that is “unique” from other shooters.

Star Wars Battlefront Includes Playable Female Stormtroopers

No pink Darth Vader for you.

Battlefield 3 Dodging Controversy, Omitting Supervillians

DICE plans on avoiding plot line controversy in Battlefield 3 and avoid depicting supervillians, while focusing on fun and authenticity instead.