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10 Changes the Final Fantasy VII Remake Needs

I should say right away that none of the stupid shit I write here matters.

More than anything, I’m just happy to get the remake I’ve been wanting since the PS2 era. My usual attitude towards remakes is that, if they’re too different, whatever; I’ll always have the wonderful original. To me, this remake’s primary function is to scratch an itch — to answer the question “What if?”

Without it, we’d never know. But in a few years (supposedly), we will know what FFVII would be like if it were made in the new generation. While content to sit back and see what happens, I know some things I’d be pushing for if I were on that dev team.

Stay tuned for a list of things that should not change.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of Ishimoto’s work in remixing an Uematsu classic, for those of you unfamiliar with Crisis Core and too lazy to look stuff up.

A beautiful song from a beautiful prequel to a beautiful game. I can’t tell you how giddy I am that Final Fantasy VII is getting remade.