Sony Says PlayStation TV is a “Hard Concept to Explain”

Sony’s PlayStation TV hasn’t exactly been successful, and saw very rapid price drops since its launch last October. When Game Informer recently asked Shuhei Yoshida what he thinks went wrong, Yoshida said that the PlayStation TV was a difficult concept to explain to consumers. According to him, if the device was sold as a “mini-console,” people would expect too much from it, but if it was sold as a “video streaming device,” it wouldn’t match up to other devices that offer higher def video. But the device does have some unique features, he says.

It didn’t capture the consumers’ imagination. It’s a hard concept to explain. You could say it’s a mini-console, it’s a video streaming device. If we say it’s a mini-console, like other mini-consoles, people expect a better device like PS4 or Xbox One. It’s short in that delivery. When you say it’s a video streaming device, there are other devices with higher def video. It has some unique things like remote play of PS4 games. It can do many things, but it’s not easy to say this one thing is extremely good. I think that’s the reason we were not able to convince people at the original price.

Do you agree with Yoshida? Let us know how you think the PlayStation TV could be improved.

[Source: Game Informer]