Yakuza 5 Release Date Not Set, But Sega Now Has a Season in Mind

Having spent months with only “2015” stamped on it — and a lot of that time with gamers assuming a summer title for whatever reason — Yakuza 5‘s own official English website now tags it with a slightly more specific “Fall 2015” release window. (It just says “2015” on the main page, but when you specifically go into Yakuza 5‘s section, it says Fall.)

I lied on the age gate thing. Did you? I wonder if someone reads the birth dates on those. Like, does someone keep data? Does said data show an overwhelming number of birthdays on January 1st? I just pick January 1 every time, and then a year that was a long-ass time ago like 1926 or something.

Yakuza 5‘s late 2015 arrival puts it in North America almost exactly three years after its December 2012 Japanese release date. It will be coming as a digital exclusive on the PlayStation Network.

While the game didn’t top Yakuza 4 or Yakuza 0, I did overall enjoy my time with Yakuza 5 and invite you to read my full review here. It’s based on a complete run through the Japanese version.