Shuhei Yoshida on Horizon Zero Dawn: It’s a “Big, Big Project”

Sony’s boss Shuhei Yoshida has offered his thoughts on the company’s E3 2015 conference, and has revealed that Guerrilla Games’ upcoming title, Horizon Zero Dawn is a “big, big project” with a “very unique” set-up. He also said that reaction from consumers to the reveal has been positive.

Horizon is a big, big project and I am super, super excited about it. Coming into E3 and re-announcing The Last Guardian was really exciting but we knew people were waiting for it and would be happy to see it. But Horizon is a totally new IP with a very unique set-up, where you’re fighting against robots with a bow and arrow. I was really hoping that people would like it, and it seems the reaction from consumers was really positive.

Yoshida also offered his thoughts on other highlights of the show. With reference to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, he said:

Of course I was very, very happy to see Final Fantasy VII actually being remade. So many people wanted it. I didn’t know about it until very late in the process, and when I came to rehearsals and saw the video I was like, ‘Oh my god!’

Speaking about Shenmue III, Yoshida said that he was glad that the SCEA third-party relations team was able to strike an agreement to support the Kickstarter project. He has promised that once funded, Sony will offer the same kind of support to Shenmue III that it does to other independent projects.

As far as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End goes, Yoshida said that what was shown off at E3 was only the first half of the demo. He believes that the second part will blow people away. “If you liked the first part, great – but the second half is even better!” he said. 

We’ll keep our readers informed as more details about the aforementioned games become available over time.

[Source: PlayStation]