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Naughty Dog Discusses the E3 2015 Uncharted 4 Gameplay Demo, Speaks About the Power of PS4

During E3 2015, we saw a breathtaking gameplay video of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, one that put Nathan Drake behind the the wheel of a speeding jeep.  In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley talked a bit about the gameplay demo shown at E3, and about the game in general.

The PS Blog asked the two Naughty Dog employees about the power of the PS4, wondering if Nathan Drake’s world in Uncharted 4 is bigger due to the current-gen console’s technology. Druckmann and Straley mentioned that it is so powerful that “we’re at a point where technology isn’t driving out decisions, it’s our creativity.”

Druckmann: We’ve been able to able to pack a lot more into each level, have more happening on-screen at once, and make the whole environment more dynamic. We’re at a point where technology isn’t driving our decisions, it’s our creativity and what we can come up with for Nate to go through.

Straley: We made great games with what we had, but you can’t have everything so you pick your mechanics to fit the pacing. With each game we’re evolving with what the technology can afford us, and right now we’re able to make the world seem a lot more real.

Straley and Druckmann were then asked about the amount of driving players will be able to do in the upcoming adventure game, and the game developers explained that players can use the jeep to “go exploring” and do other things.

Straley: Vehicles were something we wanted in previous games, and while they were there, this is the first time they’ve been drivable. There a lot of new mechanics in this game and we want to give you lots of opportunities to use them; we’ll ease you into it, give you opportunities to learn the new features, then you can go crazy with them.

Druckmann: In the demo, essentially Nate’s moving at 60 mph, he’s under stress, as usual there’s people trying to kill him, so as a player your foot is always going to be on the gas. But we use the jeep in other ways, you can jump in and out and go exploring, and we’ve been able to open up the levels and let players drive great distances.

Do you like the idea of being able to drive around in a jeep in Uncharted 4? Are you excited to explore the game’s world sometime next year?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]