Riptide GP2 Brings 1080p/60fps Water Racing to PS4 This Week

Developed by Vector Unit (Hydro Thunder Hurricane), Riptide GP2 is releasing this week for the PlayStation 4 at $6.99.

Running at 1080p/60fps, complete with split-screen multiplayer and more, here’s everything you need to know about Riptide GP2 on PS4:

  • Deep Career Mode – Compete in over 60 challenging Race, Hot Lap, Elimination, and Freestyle events. Earn XP and cash to upgrade your hydro jet, unlock new stunts, and increase your rider’s performance.
  • 4 Player Split Screen Action – Trade a face full of wake with up to 4 friends on a single screen.
  • Play Split Screen Online with SharePlay – Race online against other PlayStation Plus members by playing Split Screen with Share Play, only on PlayStation.
  • Challenge Your Friends – Share your best races online, compete against ghosts of your PSN Friends and battle for Leaderboard supremacy in VR Challenge mode.
  • Thrilling Stunt System – Level up your character to unlock and master 25 outrageous stunts. Wow the crowd, charge your boost and make your competition eat wake.
  • 60 fps, 1080p – Rocksolid 60fps in crystal clear 1080p. Even split screen performance is buttersmooth!
  • Upgradable Watercraft – Get an edge on the competition and upgrade the performance of your hydro jet including: acceleration, speed, handling, and boost jets.
  • Customization – Stand out from sea of look-alike competitors and customize the look of your hydro jet and your rider.
  • Trophies – Earn 23 different Trophies, plus a Platinum Trophy.

You can check out the full Trophy list for Riptide GP2 over on Exophase.

[Source: Vector Unit, Punk and Lizard]