Matterfall PS4 Pro Will Run at 1080p and 60 FPS

Housemarque’s new game Matterfall will be out next week exclusively on PlayStation 4, but the developer has more news for eagerly waiting fans. From Gaming BoltMatterfall will run on 1080p and at 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro, offering a smooth experience for the upcoming fast paced platformer. Those with a normal PS4 won’t be too disappointed though, as they’ll still get 60 FPS, just at 900p.

If you’re wondering why 60 FPS would be important for a title like this, you’ll want to watch this eight minute gameplay video:

Our very own Paulmichael got to play Matterfall at E3, and has a lot to say about it:

This is an intense game. There are a lot of flashing effects going on, and what feels like dozens of things to watch and react to on-screen. But when you’re in the thick of the action, things don’t seem so crazy. I felt myself enter that zen-like brain mode that can occur during longer stretches of twitch gaming, where each move was coordinated in response to whatever moved in my view. I didn’t play perfectly, but thankfully the game does occasionally drop health to keep the fight going.

While the audio took a backseat to the action, if you know Housemarque, then you know what to expect – lots of thumping, bass-heavy arcade tracks to help you zone out to, mixed with the futuristic sound effects of the environments in which you find yourself. The world of Matterfall is a futuristic, perhaps post-apocalyptic one, with lots of bright, neon colors. I didn’t get much in the way of technical information on the game, but the game was likely running at 60 frames per second, easily.

Matterfall feels like one of those games that will take a while to master, but one that will also be rewarding to those who invest the time to grasp the controls.

Matterfall will release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on August 15.

(Source: Gaming Bolt)