Watch Eight Minutes of Matterfall Gameplay

Finnish developer Housemarque may have just released Nex Machina, but their next title is right around the corner. Matterfall is set to release August 15, and publisher Sony has begun to show more footage of the game. They just released eight minutes of footage today that features the game’s Senior Level Designer Jari Hokkanen going through a level and taking on a boss.

Check out eight minutes of Matterfall gameplay below:

Here’s what SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton described Housemarque’s upcoming shooter over at the PlayStation Blog:

When it comes to no-nonsense arcade twitch gaming, Finnish studio Housemarque is the safest pair of hands in the business. Coming off a sizzling PS4 hot streak which includes Resogun, Alienation and last month’s phenomenal coin-op throwback Nex Machina, it has yet another slice of irresistible bullet hell coming down the pipe.

Matterfall, coming to PS4 on August 15th, is a slick twin-stick side-scroller that transports you to the towering vertical cities of a distant future. You’ll need to suit up and fight for control of the mysterious “smart matter” that is over-running your world and giving rise to hordes of matter-infected enemies. Cue thumb cramps and massive explosions.

PlayStation LifeStyle was lucky enough to go hands-on with Matterfall at E3 2017. Here’s how Paulmichael Contreras described the gameplay in his preview:

This is an intense game. There are a lot of flashing effects going on, and what feels like dozens of things to watch and react to on-screen. But when you’re in the thick of the action, things don’t seem so crazy. I felt myself enter that zen-like brain mode that can occur during longer stretches of twitch gaming, where each move was coordinated in response to whatever moved in my view. I didn’t play perfectly, but thankfully the game does occasionally drop health to keep the fight going.

Matterfall releases August 15 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)