PlayStation Plus Free Games in Europe Now Go Live On the First Tuesday of Each Month

Explaining why the July 2015 PlayStation Plus free games in Europe won’t go live on Wednesday, July 1, PlayStation Europe Blog Manager Fred Dutton revealed that it’s because they’ve changed the release timing to the first Tuesday of each month, which is the same as North America:

Hey folks. As of this month, Plus games go live in both EU and US on the first Tuesday of the month (no longer Wednesday in EU). The first Tuesday in July is 7th July, hence why the games aren’t launching this week.

We still don’t know what the July free titles will be, but Dutton says a Wednesday announcement is likely:

Alas, I can’t confirm an announce date. We generally announce on the Wednesday prior to release, but occasionally that isn’t possible. Suffice to say we’ll have the news for you soon.

As for the slow download speeds in Europe, Dutton says they’ve been addressed: “The issues reported last week have now been addressed. Anecdotally, I downloaded Arkham Knight in just a few hours last night. Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues – we’re monitoring it closely.”

Which games do you hope to see in the July 2015 Instant Game Collection?

[Source: PS Blog]