DriveClub Update 1.19 Out Now, Fixes Bugs Reported by the Community

Just a couple weeks after 1.18 launched, DriveClub update 1.19 is now available to download, taking up approximately 60MB and bringing the grand total of all game updates to 10.63GB.

According to Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, update 1.19 “fixes a few minor bugs reported by the community.”

If you’re looking for all the new DLC that launches today, it’s already available in Europe and North America will get it later today as part of the PlayStation Store update.

Answering some questions on Twitter, Rustchynsky confirmed that the seatbelt/harness glitch will be fixed in next month’s update. Meanwhile, the DriveClub Twitter account said, “More levels are coming in the next game update.”

As for the newly released DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition, “The Season Pass and all Expansion Packs work with the PS+ Edition of DriveClub.” And if you were curious: “If you upgrade to full game, you keep access with or without PS+ membership. PS+ Edition needs active PS+ membership.”

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