Castles Builds Its Way to PS4, Xbox One, Wii U & PC This September

From WhootGames and publisher BadLand Indie, Castles is releasing on September 15 in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC.

Mixing strategy and action gameplay, Castles follows King Harold, who tasks you with building a gigantic tower. As it grows taller and taller, you’ll have to deal with more challenges, including unpredictable weather and the jealous King Edmund, who is King Harold’s nemesis.

The description adds:

Featuring three modes of play (story, survival, and competitive) the game can be enjoyed individually or as a multiplayer. With more than 50 levels of randomized gameplay in story mode, players will never play the same game twice. Each player controls an engineer, rather than the blocks themselves, creating a unique gameplay experience. Engineers must match three or more blocks of tools or colors in order to achieve each level’s goals. The 7×7 grid allows engineers to move around the perimeter of the central 5×5 grid where blocks fall from above. Snow, wind, fog, and storms challenge the engineers as they work non-stop through day and night. All the while King Edmund’s minions, equipped with menacing machinery, are bent on orchestrating the tower’s demise.

For the puzzles, there are seven kinds of materials (water, brick, grass, sand, stone, wood, gem) and seven different tools (shovel, pickaxe, hammer, bucket, saw, anvil, ladder) you can use to make combinations. While every combination earns you points, you must also achieve the goals on the left-hand side of the screen.

Here’s the possible combinations:

  • 3 blocks of the same tool = one tool earned
  • 3 blocks of the same material = one material earned
  • 3 blocks of the same tool and material = one material and one tool earned

If any of the above combinations is four instead of three the player earns double. If any of the above combinations is five or more the players triples his earnings.

What do you think of Castles?