Street Fighter V Brazil Stage Revealed, SFIII and SF Alpha 3 Fighters Rumored to Be Part of the Roster

During the WB Games Summit 2015 in Brazil, Capcom Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono appeared in a video message talking about Street Fighter V, and to coincide with the event, revealed a Brazil stage.

Only a few seconds of the stage were shown off in the video, but you can see it at around the 30-second mark. Ono also teased a new character, who will not be unveiled until the Brasil Game Show 2015, which will happen in October. If we had to hazard a guess, the character to be revealed will most likely be Blanka, who is from, you guessed it, Brazil.

Siliconera has also reported on a rumor that Alex and Urien from Street Fighter III will be in the upcoming fighting game. Not only that, but the site also added that it can “confirm” that Karin Kanzuki and R. Mika both from Street Fighter Alpha 3 are also said to be part of the SFV roster. Bear in mind that roster additions has not been confirmed by Capcom, so treat it with a grain of salt for now. 

Street Fighter V is due out in March of 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC, but it will be getting a PS4-exclusive beta soon. What do you think of the newly revealed stage? 

[Source: Siliconera]