Dragon Age Inquisition Update Today Adds Save Importer, Fixes Issues

Detailed yesterday, the Save Importer for Dragon Age: Inquisition was added as part of a new update today, along with multiplayer fixes, a crash fix on PlayStation 4, and more.

First up, BioWare discussed some of the recent changes to Inqusition:

Players have been asking for a bigger multiplayer challenge, so we’ve created Nightmare difficulty, a step up from Perilous in every way. We’ve also introduced a number of new and rare high-level weapons, some from the Avvar clans.

Players can now step into the Proving Grounds, a new tutorial level that allows you to test your class, abilities, and load-out before stepping into the heat of a multiplayer battle. Proving Grounds is accessible from the class-selection screen.

And here’s the full list of patch notes for the latest Dragon Age Inquisition update, titled Patch 8:

  • Introduced the Save Importer feature, allowing players to migrate their single-player save games and multiplayer data to current-gen consoles. Click here for more details.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced new and rare high-level weapons, including some from the Avvar clans.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced one new T4 accessory.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced Proving Grounds, a new tutorial level accessible from the class-selection screen.
  • [Multiplayer] Introduced Nightmare difficulty, a step up from Perilous.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue that caused the Multiplayer menu to be reloaded after a quick match failure.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue when using Reset Ability Points with a full inventory.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue which could prevent Multiplayer maps from streaming in during high latency matches.
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed the text for the Challenge “Relentless Pursuit” to list the correct Multiplayer character.
  • [PS4] Fixed a crash when playing while installing relating to the Flames of the Inquisition items.
  • [PS4] Fixed an issue that prevented joining a Multiplayer game via PS4 Friends List

Will you be importing your saves from PS3 to PS4?

[Source: BioWare]