Ubisoft Brings in More Money From PS4 Than Xbox One and Xbox 360 Combined

Ubisoft has just released its Q1 financial report, and while it does show a 73 percent decline year-over-year, it also shows that the PlayStation 4 is making more money for Ubisoft than any other platform.

The first quarter brought in around €96.6 million for Ubisoft, which is over the company’s target of €80 million. However, last year, Ubisoft brought in around €360.1 million during the first quarter, mostly thanks to the release of Watch Dogs. This means the company’s Q1 sales are down around 73 percent from last year.

Interestingly, the Q1 report also revealed that the PS4 is where Ubisoft makes most of its money. Thanks to GamesBeat, which organized data from the financial report, you can see a list of sales broken down by platform below:

  • PlayStation 4:  36 percent
  • PC: 14 percent
  • Other (mostly mobile): 1 percent
  • Xbox One: 17 percent
  • Xbox 360: 14 percent
  • PlayStation 3: 17 percent
  • Wii and Wii U: 1 percent

About double the amount of money is brought in from sales of games on PS4 than on Xbox One, with the PS3 actually bringing in as much money as the Xbox One.

What do you think of those numbers?

[Source: GamesBeat, Games Industry]