Galak-Z PS Vita Version Put “On Ice,” PS4 Version Releases on August 4

On the same day Galak-Z from 17-Bit (Skulls of the Shogun) was given a PlayStation 4 release date of August 4 in North America, the developers announced on Twitter that the PlayStation Vita version isn’t happening:

Vita faithful: heart-breaking technical limitations force us to put #galakz Vita on ice. Can’t compromise beautiful & responsive gameplay.

Asked by someone on Twitter if they could make it fully 2D on Vita, 17-Bit replied:

We spared no expense or creativity in trying to figure it out.. Unity on Vita along w/ our intense physics & AI make it a no go.

As for why 17-Bit announced the Vita version in the first place, they said, “We thought the conversion would be straightforward but the RAM limitations are just too great without entirely reworking the game.”

Here’s the description for Galak-Z on PS4:

Classic anime, ’90s spaceship shooters, and precision arcade gameplay collide in Galak-Z. Shockingly smart enemies work together and track your every move as you hone your skills to pilot your ship in zero gravity. A living and interactive environment serves as the stage for your physics-based death ballet in this hand-drawn homage to anime dreams.

A European release date isn’t finalized yet, but the developers believe it “should be close to the same” as North America.

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