DriveClub Update Next Week Adds Elite Driver Levels, Random Event Option and More

In a new update coming to DriveClub next week, Director Paul Rustchynsky revealed that there will be numerous tweaks, features, and more added to the game.

Here’s the list he teased on Twitter:

  • Additions to Photo Mode
  • ELITE Driver Levels
  • Garage Filtering
  • New Camera Shakes settings
  • Face-Off Options
  • Club Leaderboards in existing Tour Events
  • A new ‘Random Event’ option
  • Improvements to club challenge leaderboard
  • New community loading screen image & updated menus

Expanding on ELITE Drive Levels, he said, “No longer can you just grind Fame to level up, ELITE levels require skill too!”

On Monday, we’ll also learn about the final pack inside the DriveClub Season Pass, where the new update will likely be talked about in greater detail. As Rustchynsky said, “It certainly won’t be the last game update for DriveClub, just the last season pass update.”

As for private lobbies and the MyDriveClub app, they’re both still in development, with private lobbies “getting closer.”

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to add the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition to your download list.

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