Prototype: Biohazard Bundle Performs Poorly on Both the PS4 and Xbox One

The Prototype: Biohazard Bundle was barely marketed, if at all, and it seems as if Activision had an inkling of how it was actually going to turn out. To put it simply, it’s a mess.

I first noticed people discussing the game’s performance a day ago, with Digital Foundry noting that the Xbox One version ran slower than the PlayStation 3 version of the game, and was a “really disappointing effort” since all it offers is a resolution bump. Now, similar opinions are surfacing about the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Kotaku’s Mike Fahey played the game on Sony’s console and said, “When there’s a ton of action on the screen it all goes to hell.” Not only that, but the game also suffers from stuttering during cut-scenes among other issues. Fahey also posted the video below, which shows what he’s experiencing on the PS4. Mind you, it’s in 720p but you get the idea.

For $50, this is quite a disappointment. Did any of our readers buy the bundle?

[Source: Kotaku, Eurogamer]