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10 Overlooked PS4 Games That are Worth Playing


Summer is rarely a hotbed of new game releases, and while this year has had a few high profile releases, we know that several PlayStation 4 owners are wondering what games they should be playing right now. To help ease your Summer boredom, PlayStation LifeStyle has compiled a list of ten overlooked PlayStation 4 titles that are worth checking out while you keep cool!

While none of these releases are AAA titles, they all pack in a ton of fun and will be a good dessert after beating Batman: Arkham Knight. There is a good chance that you may have missed some of these titles, so check out these overlooked PS4 games!

We hope you enjoyed our look at some of the hidden gems on PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Store is full of great games that didn’t make the list, so feel free to chime in below with some of your favorite overlooked PS4 games! We look forward to reading your recommendations!

Also, make sure to let us know if you have purchased any of these titles, and if you enjoyed them!

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