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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Discusses Minions

A new trailer has been released for Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, and it talks a bit about the game’s Minions and even shows off a bit of gameplay.

The gameplay footage features panda bears being cooked over a fire, Minions battling people, and sheep mercilessly being killed. As well as the trailer, Codemasters also released some new information on the upcoming PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game, adding on to what was released in April.

It was revealed that Minions can be customized, allowing players to give them various weapons to wield. Minions can also be upgraded, giving them new abilities and skills, and there will be four different types of Minions that will be unlocked early on in the game.

It was also announced that Fellowship of Evil will have a number of different references to past Overlord games, although Gnarl will be the only “speaking character” from past games that players will encounter. What do you think of the new information and trailer?

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