Destiny Hotfix Arrives in August, Includes Husk of the Pit Fix

In its latest weekly update, Bungie announced that Destiny hotfix will be arriving in August, and will be a precursor to update 2.0. The upcoming hotfix will include Husk of the Pit fix and digital rewards for those who supported the Destiny Nepal aid campaign

Nepal Digital Rewards

– Supporters of the Guardians to the Aid of Nepal Campaign

– Shader and Emblem codes will be delivered via email

Husk of the Pit fix

– Husk of the Pit will again drop from Blades of Crota

– Go to ‘Fist of Crota’ mission on Cosmodrome

– Drop rate has been increased from the original rate

More details will be available in due course. 

Over on Bungie’s feedback forum, new Destiny Community Manager Chris “Cozmo23″ Shannon has compiled a list of features the game’s community demands the most. He notes that while every idea can’t be implemented, Bungie wants to know what players really want. Here’s the wishlist so far:


-Private Crucible Matches

-Gun Skins

-Guardian Facial Hair

-Vault Sorting Options

-Crucible Map Voting

-Expanding Faction Interaction

-Aim Assist Toggle Option

-Rotating Stock on Tower Vendors

-Dismantle Consumable Items

-Additional Matchmaking Options

-Weapon Rebalancing

-Material Stack Size Increase

-Additional Storage/Vault Options

-Player Trading

-More Ghost Skins

-Additional Guardian Customization Options

Players should head over here if they want to contribute ideas.

Destiny update 2.0 will arrive in September just before The Taken King. For more on the update, click here.

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