Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata “Really Wants to Embrace Western Gamers,” Says Square Enix CEO

Square Enix Americas and Europe CEO, Phil Rogers, has said that Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata understands the importance of Western gamers and “really wants to embrace” them with the upcoming game. In order to do so, he’s requesting feedback through fan events and group discussions. Speaking to Examiner, Rogers said:

I mean Final Fantasy 15 has been a really great project for us and when you talk to Tabata-san, he really wants to embrace the Western gamers. He knows how important they are and the feedback he’s soliciting is from fan events and group discussions.

Square Enix also revealed that it has been bringing people into its studios to gather feedback, and that the feedback it received on Final Fantasy XV‘s demo is really important to the developers.

It’s amazing when people come to [the] office and talk to him [Tabata] and he’s really listening. The demo we put out and retuned based on feedback is really important for us. Again, we take our IP very [seriously], we want to build its value.

When it comes to its IPs, Roger says Square Enix doesn’t want to rush to release games, and wants more and more people to enjoy them.

We really want to stand back in 10 years time and see our IP being played by more people, enjoyed by more people and a new audience coming to the IP. That’s how we plot our IP and then when you break it down, you sort of see what the right cadence is with a certain IP or project.

Square Enix hasn’t announced a release date for Final Fantasy XV yet, but expect to see more of the game during gamescom 2015.

[Source: Examiner]