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Dragon Quest XI on PS4 and 3DS [Update: And Maybe NX?]

[Update 1: They just tossed in the Nintendo NX announcement out of nowhere, bringing the yet-unreleased system already more third-party support than the Wii-U.]

[Update 2: Sources are backpedaling and saying that the NX bit was just consideration. Seems weird to announce “consideration” as part of a big flashy show like that, but whatever. They’re probably just not allowed to confirm things for it yet.]

Original article:

Well I didn’t see that coming.

Dragon Quest XI is indeed for a home console — the PS4 — but it’s still multiplatform, as it will also come to the 3DS, Square Enix revealed during a special livestreamed event just moments ago. 

The PS4 version will feature a wider, more open(ish) world similar to Dragon Quest VIII and use Unreal Engine 4. Square Enix will be helped by Orca for its development.

Meanwhile Toy Logic is handling the 3DS version, which will be in 3D, but of course not quite have the graphical power. On the bottom screen, it will use 2D spritework.

It’s the “same” game, but handled in different ways, kind of like what Level-5 did with Ni no Kuni, which had a wonderful PS3 game that I raved about here and a different version (altered story, different battle system, obviously different visuals) on the standard Nintendo DS. You can read a DS version review here.

While Square Enix is loving some Dragon Quest on PS4 lately, it still isn’t fully ready to commit to it. Dragon Quest Heroes also appeared on PS3 (in Asia, but it won’t in NA), and Dragon Quest Builders will appear on PS3 and Vita when it hits Japan this winter.

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