Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy Was Inspired by “Strong Female Characters” Like Game of Thrones’ Ygritte and Ellen Ripley

Apparently, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s “master craftswoman” Aloy was inspired by characters like Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, and Ygritte.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Game Director Mathijs de Jonge explained that Guerrilla Games wanted to make Aloy a “very strong” female character, and so it looked at other strong female characters like Ygritte from Game of Thrones and Ripley from Alien to get some inspiration.

We felt we had quite an original composition and combination of elements with the robots and the nature, so we also felt like it needed an original and strong character to go with that. One of the directions we were very interested in was a character like Sarah Connor in Terminator, Ripley in Alien or, more recently, Ygritte from Game Of Thrones; very strong female characters. That’s where we started.

What do you think of Guerrilla’s model characters? Do you think Aloy will be as strong and as inspiration as any of them? Be sure to check out our preview of Horizon Zero Dawn here if you haven’t done so already.

[Source: GamesRadar]