Mighty No. 9’s Rumored Delay Might Affect Physical Versions Only

Rumors of Mighty No. 9′s delay surfaced last Friday but neither Deep Silver nor Comcept provided an official statement on the matter. Now, at least two websites – Game Informer and Destructoid – both claim that their sources at GameStop (Game Informer’s parent company) have confirmed that the delay is real. 

According to Game Informer:

GameStop tells us on background that notification of delays such as this one are initiated by the publisher. This includes placeholder dates that are put in place when a game is first listed or, in this case, delayed. This indicates that the 2016 placeholder was driven by Deep Silver and Comcept.

Destructoid’s Chris Carter adds:

I can now confirm through a source at GameStop that the delay is real, and not a mistake or placeholder change.

However, in a community update over on Mighty No. 9‘s official website, a post dated July 30 refers to September as the “Mighty Month,” indicating that the game will release on time. Considering this, we’re assuming that if reports of the delay are true, then it applies to the game’s physical versions only. The update also shared a speedrun of the game’s opening stage, which you can check out above.

It’s unclear why Deep Silver and Comcept are refusing to provide an official statement this close to the release date but whatever the reason, we’ll find out in due course.

[Source: Game Informer, Destructoid]