Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Explains Lack of Guns in the Game

If you’ve been following Guerrilla Games’ newly unveiled IP, Horizon Zero Dawn, then you’ll know that the game doesn’t feature any guns. You will have weapons like bows at your disposal, but nothing that allows you to go shoot up a storm like you’re used to in the developer’s Killzone series. In the latest issue of EDGE magazine, game director Mathijs De Jonge reveals that adding guns to the game would have just turned it into a cover shooter, and that the developers wanted people to feel primitive.

What we saw with these prototypes was that as soon as you give someone a machine gun, it’s just spray and pray. It just becomes a cover shooter. We wanted the player to feel primitive, so we decided that the tribes would have very limited knowledge of technology. They don’t understand what’s going on with these machines, or how they work.

Guerrilla went on to show EDGE magazine a 4-year old prototype that featured a Killzone 3 character model taking on Thunderjaw, the robotic dinosaur that Aloy is seen facing off against in the E3 2015 demo. In the prototype, the player had a machine gun instead of a bow and arrow, and was able to take down the enemy fairly quickly.

For more on Horizon Zero Dawn, click here. Don’t forget to stay tuned for next week as Guerrilla Games is headed to gamescom 2015 with the title.

[Source: EDGE Issue 283 via GamesRadar]