Trailer Introduces Vega as the Latest Street Fighter V Character

Playable this week at gamescom in the Sony booth, Capcom announced today that Vega, the Spanish Ninja, is joining Street Fighter V.

Introduced in Street Fighter II, Vega “believes that beauty is the truest form of strength and that he alone is the epitome of perfection.” Using the mask to protect his face from the blood of his victims, Vega in Street Fighter V has his trademark speed and quickness, a brand new look, and two fighting modes: with claw and without claw.

Capcom explained:

That’s right, he now has the ability to sheathe his claw during battle in exchange for new moves, such as a command grab, as well as new attack properties, greatly changing the way he approaches each fight. Knowing when to toggle between the two styles will be the key to success, and it also allows for new combo possibilities. Conversely, Vega will no longer be able to pick up his claw once it’s knocked off, so knowing how to fight without the claw is a must! Players who enjoy tricky movement and the technical challenge of switching between claw/no-claw fighting styles will definitely find the beauty in Vega’s play style.

And here’s details on his V-Skill and V-Trigger:

V-Skill: Matador Turn

Vega swiftly dodges the opponent’s incoming attack and chooses whether to launch a quick counterattack that knocks them down or not.

V-Trigger: Bloody Kiss

Vega throws a rose at high velocity towards the opponent. If it hits, he charges behind it and delivers a series of brutal slashes that devastate the enemy. The move can be done as an anti-air from crouch or as an air attack when jumping forward, making it an extremely versatile projectile attack, as well as a combo extender.

Street Fighter V releases in Spring 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Following the unsuccessful first beta last month, Capcom will be holding another one once they can provide a positive experience for players.

[Source: Capcom Unity]