Can You Survive Comiket?

Here’s how you can get a charismatic Japanese spokeslady to hand you an energy drink. Oh, and survive upcoming Japanese comic fan fest known as Comiket (from “comic market”).

Subtitled in English, here’e the official rules and manners guide:

While Comiket is “an attractive place,” we’re told, it’s also very “severe.” You’ll also see photo rules, ways to maintain order in the queue, and so on. Judging by the behavior I’m sure we’ve all seen pretty much anywhere there’s a crowd, I’m sure the video addresses points that need to be covered — all from a fairly humorous angle.

Comiket features independent comics and will also feature independent games, of which Japan has quite a few. For example, here’s a trailer for Ace of Seafood.

This summer’s event will be held Aug. 14-16 at the convention center Tokyo Big Sight. If you’re gonna go, follow the rules or be blasted with the doom ray.