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Watch a Death or Two From These Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Videos

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture is a wonderfully unique, completely British game that just so happens to also take place after the apocalypse. Read our review if you haven’t yet! If you’re too impatient to play through the relatively short game and see the ending, then you’re in luck! You can see the first of many deaths in the game, as well as the end of the world as it happened in Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture here. Consider this your obligatory spoiler warning.

First up, the death of Jeremy, the village pastor. This death is kind of unexpected, as you’re getting used to the game at this stage. Also, looking back on it after having played through the game in its entirety, I noticed something in the audio that I hadn’t heard before, which ends up telling us the way Jeremy died – see if you notice it as well.

In the next video, you get to see how the world, and thus the game, ends. However, if you haven’t seen or played any other bits of the game, then this may be a little confusing for you. There’s really no context to the final cinematic, so it’s hard to say how spoiler-filled this will be for you.

What are your thoughts on these two very different scenes? Was the ending satisfying for you, or disappointing? How about the way in which different characters died? Let us know how you’re feeling about this game in the comments below.