Free Swimsuits for NA Players in Persona 4: Dancing All Night

 While it costs a hefty 1,000 yen (about $8 USD) in Japan, North American players of Vita-exclusive Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be able to snag the ladies’ swimsuit DLC for free — if they act quickly — when it comes out at the end of September. It includes beachwear for Chie, Yukiko, Rise, and Naoto and is available for all buyers of the limited edition, or as a free download within the first week on the market.

Kanji and Kanami already have swimsuits available as alternate costumes in the game. Kanji is in the banner image at the top of this article, left side. Kanami’s rather elaborate beach attire is here:

In other Persona 4: Dancing All Night DLC, the cast can also dress as the heroes of previous Persona games.