Madden NFL 16 First Patch Details Released

Madden NFL 16 just came out this week, and it has been reviewed fairly highly. Despite the high reviews, however, the game does contain a few bugs, but thankfully a patch is in the works that is poised to fix them.

On Twitter, EA Sport Madden NFL Creative Director Rex Dickson explained that a patch will be coming out within the next few weeks.

He then went over a number of different issues that will be fixed in the patch, including:

  • Ratings that change during Franchise games
  • Issues while in the huddle
  • Issues with Aggressive Catch balancing
  • Custom playbooks that don’t appear

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle, as more details on the upcoming patch, including a release date, will be posted when they become available.

[Source: Rex Dickson (Twitter) via Pasta Padre via GameSpot]