Until Dawn Death Scene Censored in Japan, Fans Unhappy

A day ago, a video posted by YouTube channel Censored Gaming made the rounds online as it showed how a death scene in Until Dawn was censored in the Japanese version. I won’t post the video here due to spoilers but those who have finished the game or aren’t bothered by spoilers can check it out here.

Now, the scene wasn’t toned down or anything. It was blacked out entirely. And going by comments on social media and online retail sites like Amazon, Japanese fans are really unhappy about this. 

“I just want the death scenes to be viewable to us Japan gamers, make it less gory? That’s fine as long as we see the deaths then we’re happy for now,” said YouTube user JeyVGaming. Censored Gaming points out that Until Dawn is receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews on Amazon Japan as a result, and a quick look on the site confirms this. Tons of reviewers have criticized the move, and the game sits at 2.5/5 stars.

While I don’t expect Amazon reviews to make a whole lot of difference, it still shows that fans in the region are becoming increasingly vocal about censorship of this sort. 

What do our readers think? Should gore be toned down for certain audiences or left as it is?

[Source: Censored Gaming, Amazon JP]