Mad Max Trophy List Revealed, Maximum Madness Necessary to Grab Platinum

Mad Max launches tomorrow, and with it comes packed 50 Trophies for eager hunters to grab. 

There aren’t any spoilers to be found in the list that follows, so do take a look at the crazy stunts required to achieve that “Halls of Valhalla” Platinum Trophy which, of course, only unlocks after players have earned all of the Trophies in the game. 

My personal favorite has to be “Wasteland Chef”, and I look forward to the meal of maggots that awaits me. Other than that, nothing stands out as particularly challenging, though I imagine there will be some nasty surprises hidden in there somewhere.

For a lengthy look at the game, check out this 70-minute gameplay video. You should also have a read of our thoughts on Mad Max at E3 2015.

Are you excited to play as Max and embrace the madness? Or is this a list of Trophies that you won’t be adding to your collection?

[Source: Exophase]