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Guacamelee! 2 Trophy List Has Gone Live

Guacamelee! 2 arrives later this month, and the trophy list has just gone live. Those looking to achieve all the sequel has on offer are in luck; there is a Platinum trophy. In addition to the Platinum, 36 other trophies make up the list. Twenty-two Bronze, nine Silver, five Gold, and one Platinum are available, which seems challenging yet doable.

For a full breakdown, check out the list below, courtesy of Exophase. Beware! Guacamelee! 2’s trophy descriptions may feature spoilers.


  • I Remember That Being Harder — Defeat Calaca
  • Re-resurrección — Regain the mask
  • Show’s Over, Go Home — Defeat El Muñeco
  • Severed — Defeat Uay Pek
  • Prickly Pair — Defeat Cactuardo and Zope
  • Severed 2 — Defeat Uay Pek a second time
  • Questionable Plumbing — Discover the Pollo Illuminati’s headquarters
  • Santa Golpiza! — Reach 150 on your hit-meter
  • Grapple Expert — Use all four of Coscorrona’s special throws
  • Juan Punch Man — One-shot an enemy with a fully upgraded super move
  • I Was Told There’d Be Candy — Defeat a Piñataface
  • Cluckstorm — Kill 50 enemies as chicken
  • The Floor Is… — Eagle Boost from 10 different hook points without touching the ground
  • 6-Piece Combo — Juggle an enemy with 6 Chicken Shots or Slides before it touches the ground.
  • He Looks Portable — Find Juan and Lupita in the Darkest Timeline
  • PERFECT — Cleanse the Mexiverse of the vehicular menace
  • Talented Player — Dodge 10 enemies’ attacks by rolling
  • You Survived — Enter the Heart of Dankness… and return
  • One Born Every Minute — Open a loot box
  • King of the Hill — Defeat El Trio de la Montaña
  • Special Delivery! — Feed the hungry guard
  • Combo Machine — Complete all of Flame Face’s challenges


  • These are not fertilized — Lay a dozen eggs
  • Temple Raider — Find 100% of the hidden items in a temple
  • y cant guacamelee crawl — Complete a Pollo challenge dungeon
  • I have nothing left to teach you — Fully purchase one trainer’s skill tree
  • One down… — Complete a secret Chicken Key Challenge
  • Very Special — Open the Golden Door
  • Talk to the Hend — Receive the Holy Hen’s message
  • Moves Like Jaguar — Defeat Jaguar(s)
  • Luchonarrative Resonance — Kill 1000 mean, nasty skeletons without families


  • El Técnico Táctico — Purchase all of the upgrades
  • Mr. Worldwide — Achieve 100% completion in all areas
  • Even Darkest-er — Beat the game on Hard mode
  • Nacho Libre — Defeat Salvador
  • Legend of the Timelines — Reach the good ending (collect all keys)


  • Guacamastery — Obtain every trophy in the game

Guacamelee developer, DrinkBox Studios announced the sequel in late 2017. Aside from an appearance at PSX 2017, news on the game remained scarce until recently, upon the reveal of its impending release dateGuacamelee! 2 launches on the PC and PS4 on August 21, 2018.

[Source via DualShockers]