Oryx Comes for Us All in Destiny: The Taken King’s Launch Gameplay Trailer

With a couple weeks to go until Destiny: The Taken King, Bungie and Activision have released its launch trailer, which features gameplay and sets up the story.

“Oryx smells the blood of his son on your hands, Guardians,” the description reads. “Now The Taken King comes for us all.”

On September 2, Bungie will be holding a Twitch stream titled Court of Oryx where they’ll talk about the Dreadnaught, reveal how to instigate Public Events, and more.

Then, on Tuesday, September 8, Destiny update 2.0 goes live. It is a mandatory 18GB download on PlayStation 4 and you’ll need 20GB of free space on PlayStation 3. Bungie should reveal full details about 2.0 next week.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15 in North America and Europe. While the Raid won’t be available on day one, Bungie clarified: “The Raid for Destiny: The Taken King is done and will be released hot on the heels of launch. Gear up and get ready.”