Bungie destiny 2 servers down offline season of the splicer

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Launch Suffers Server Issues, Various Bugs, and Accidental Cross Play, Destiny 2 Servers Offline for Maintenance

Neon-themed Vex networks. Fallen babies. And server issues. Today’s launch of Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer didn’t go as smoothly as planned when players faced a number of problems upon logging in—or trying to log in—to see what the new season had brought to the game. Bungie has taken the Destiny 2 servers offline for maintenance as it works to correct these launch day woes.

After updating Destiny 2 to the latest version, players have been met with server queues, disconnects, and Honeydew errors that won’t allow them to play any of the game’s activities. But server issues aren’t all that’s plaguing Destiny 2 today. Players who have managed to get in have reported seeing the Guardian Games victory statue showing Titans as the winners, despite Hunters dominating this year’s event.

It also looks like cross play across various platforms was enabled to some degree. Some players were reportedly able to join their clanmates on different platforms, including reports of Xbox and PC players grouping up. I’ve also seen scattered secondhand reports of PlayStation players with other platforms before the servers were pulled offline. The new update did add a new emblem that can be earned by participating in a cross play beta, but Bungie hasn’t officially announced anything yet (aside from confirming that cross play is being worked on and coming at some point this year).

Season of the Splicer is set to introduce a lot of new things to Destiny 2. Guardians will team up with the Fallen Mithrax to take on a Vex threat in a Tron-inspired neon Vex network. The original Destiny Vault of Glass Raid is returning in just a couple short weeks, and players can finally transmog nearly any armor that they own (however some of the details around transmog have caused an uproar in the community).

At this point, Bungie is working hard to smooth things out so that all players can hop into Destiny 2 and start exploring Season of the Splicer, but there’s currently no timeline on when the servers will be brought back online.