Bungie Interested in Exploring Destiny 2 Cross-Play in the Future

There’s good news for all the Guardians out there who want to play with friends on different platforms. Bungie is interested in exploring Destiny 2 cross-play at some point in the future. Cross-play between different platforms has gone from being a gamer pipe dream to a reality in a short amount of time. Once thought impossible, PlayStation players now get to play with and against their friends on Xbox and PC in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Fortnite. With such wildly popular titles spearheading the charge, players want to see more games embrace the cross-play mentality and bridge gaps between platforms.

One Destiny 2 player took to Twitter to ask Bungie if there were any plans for cross-platform play, and Bungie responded saying, “Cross-play is definitely something we’re interested in exploring more in the future.” This mirrors similar comments made in the past, specifically around the time that cross-save was announced (a feature that allows you to carry your game/character progression between the different platform versions of the game), though since that time Sony’s stance on cross-play has relaxed and more studios are launching with it as an intrinsic feature (Modern Warfare).

Destiny 2 cross-play would allow players on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and soon, Stadia, to all play together, making grouping up for Raids, Nightfalls, Cruible, and other activities much easier. Right now players can move among the platforms with their current characters, progress, and gear with cross-save, but you still have to own the other platform and own the entitlements for expansion content and the Season Pass (should you want to participate in those activities). A good portion of Destiny 2 is free-to-play currently with New Light though, so extra purchases aren’t necessarily required, depending on what you want to play.

Bungie exploring Destiny 2 cross-play would have to be triaged within the studio’s development pipeline as they also continue to bring new content and ongoing support to the action-MMO shooter. As such, don’t expect it to be added anytime soon, though it’s good to know they are still thinking about it as a desired feature. Sony was reportedly one of the biggest roadblocks to bringing cross-save to the game originally, and now with the support of the platform manufacturer, implementing cross-play should be decidedly less of a headache than it would have been previously, internal technical details notwithstanding.