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Destiny 2 Cross Save is Live Now, Here’s How to Play Your Guardians on Any Platform

Today marks the launch of Destiny 2 Cross Save, enabling players to take their Guardians, gear, and accomplishments with them to any platform. Have the Xbox friend you want to Raid with? You won’t need to sacrifice the gear you earned on PS4. Want to try your hand at Crucible on the PC? You’ll still have all those sweet weapons you got on console. Here’s how to enable Cross Save, select your primary account, and break your Guardians out of the bounds of their platforms.

How to Activate Destiny 2 Cross Save

  1. Visit Bungie’s Cross Save page on
  2. Log in to your Bungie account.
  3. Click “Get Started.”
  4. Link and Authenticate all relevant platform accounts (PSN, Xbox Live,, Steam, and eventually Stadia).
    • Note on PC migration to Steam: Until October 1, PC players will be on After October 1, the PC version of Destiny 2 will transition to Steam. Bungie requires that you get set up for this migration before activating Cross Save. The site should guide you through the process easily.
    • You don’t have to have accounts for every other platform, but every platform you have linked must be authenticated in order to continue.
    • You can add link new platforms in the future and Cross Save will work with them.
  5. Select one account (platform) to be your “Active Account.”
    • If you currently play on multiple platforms, your other Guardians will not be lost, but will effectively go into hibernation and won’t be accessible unless you deactivate Cross Save.
  6. Now when you log in to Destiny 2 on any of the linked platforms, the Guardians, gear, Triumphs, and progress on your Active Account will be there for you to play. There will be an indicator in-game that Cross Save is enabled.
    • Cross Save is an ongoing feature, not a one-time transfer, so you can play on any different platform at will and have everything available as you move among them. Earn a sweet gun on PS4 in the morning, use it to get some cool armor on PC in the afternoon, and take that armor right back to your PS4 that night.

Note about Destiny 2: New Light: Until October 1, you will need to own Destiny 2 on the platform you wish to Cross Save to. If you want to play Destiny 2 on PC right now with your PS4 character(s), you have to purchase the game (and any relevant expansions) on Starting on October 1, Destiny 2: New Light will be available, which is a free-to-play base version of Destiny 2 containing all Year 1 content and every destination in the game for free roam. At that time you will no longer be required to make an additional purchase to play Destiny 2 on other platforms, however, you will need to purchase the expansion and Seasonal entitlements for each platform you want to play that content on. (ie. to play Shadowkeep content on PS4 and PC, you must own Shadowkeep on both PS4 and Steam.) Your earned gear will carry over regardless.

Bungie should have additional information each Season on what activities are included free with New Light and what will require the separate platform entitlements to access.

For more answers on Destiny 2 Cross Save, make sure to check this FAQ that goes over the details. Bungie made the process extremely clear and easy to navigate, so players shouldn’t have any difficulty enabling Cross Save on their own. You can now  play around with Cross Save for a few weeks ahead of Shadowkeep and New Light, which will introduce plenty of new Guardians to the world of Destiny with a free-to-play entry point.

Will you be enabling Destiny 2 Cross Save? What platform will you be trying out first?

[Source: Bungie]