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Being Playable on Google Stadia Will Not Make Introducing Destiny 2 Cross-Play Any More Difficult

When Destiny 2 got cross-save functionality, it was a major milestone. Now the question on everyone’s mind may be whether it will ultimately get cross-platform play or not. Many have wondered whether bringing Destiny 2 to Google’s Stadia platform would throw a wrench into any sort of cross-play plans. Thankfully, though, it looks like Stadia has no major impact on introducing cross-play to a particular game, which may make fans elated. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we’re any closer to that dream becoming a reality.

Destiny General Manager Mark Noseworthy chimed into a Twitter exchange, replying to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. Shcreier said in an interview that some Bungie developers noted “technical challenges,” among other issues made implementing cross-play difficult. He also said that Stadia was cited as a reason for the difficulties, as well.

However, Noseworthy soon refuted that, saying that Stadia ultimately was not a factor.

It definitely seems like everyone at Bungie is excited about the prospects of cross-platform play. However, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the immediate future, at least. Right now, it looks as though Bungie wants to focus on what Destiny 2 will become now that it’s an independently-published title. 2019 is definitely shaping up to be a major year for Bungie and Destiny, with the new Shadowkeep expansion as well as Destiny 2 officially becoming free-to-play.

Of course, enabling cross-play is much more than simply pressing a button. Involved parties need to okay it before it becomes official, which is why we’ve seen Sony be so slow to welcome cross-play on the PlayStation 4. So far only three titles currently allow cross-play with consoles outside of the PlayStation ecosystem: FortniteRocket League, and Dauntlesswith Call of Duty: Modern Warfare including it at launch, as well. However, knowing that Sony is willing to allow cross-saves on Destiny 2, a future with cross-play isn’t out of the question. Perhaps we’ll see it in a potential Destiny 3?

Would you want to see cross-platform play on Destiny 2? Let us know!