60% of Dauntless Parties Were Cross-Play in Its First Week

Dauntless, the latest action RPG from Phoenix Labs, has been doing extremely well. Within its first week of release, the game had over five million players, so it’s safe to say that Epic and Phoenix Labs have a hit on their hands. The game’s official Twitter page posted some interesting stats pertaining to Dauntless‘ first week on the market on May 28, 2019. What’s absolutely fascinating is the fact that 60% of the game’s parties had been cross-play, meaning players from different platforms were playing with one another.

The full tweet can be found below:

This just goes to show how important cross-play is to the gaming community. These barriers are becoming a thing of the past. It seems that more developers are working to implement the ability to play with friends, regardless of their platform. This inclusion may be more work on the developmental side, but is seems to be an important feature that may make games more enjoyable to the community.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Dauntless is the first game to launch on the PS4 with cross-play available right from the start. Not only that, but the game includes cross-progression, too. Developers like Phoenix Labs are setting a precedent for what “true” cross-play should look like, and these efforts should be commended.

Aside from that, the tweet featured other stats about Dauntless’ first week, like its current player count. As of May 28, 2019 the game has seen over six million players, who have participated in over 20 million hunts and a cumulative 15 million hours played across all Slayers.

But most importantly, Dauntless features the ability to pet dogs, the number of which are “too many to count.” It’s good to know those doggos are getting all the love.

Dauntless is available for free on PS4 and other platforms right now. Does it surprise you that cross-play is so important to the community? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]