Dauntless Crosses 5 Million Slayers as Phoenix Labs Continues to Increase Server Capacity

Free-to-play action-RPG, Dauntless, has surpassed five million players less than a week after it exited early access on PC and launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Such is the demand for the game that players were stuck in queues that reportedly lasted up to three hours, but fret not, things are getting better.

Over on Twitter, Phoenix Labs has announced that not only is it working hard on bug fixes and improvements, it’s constantly increasing server capacity to reduce wait times.

A roadmap for the game has also been released, which includes plans for deeper combat, improved interface, universe expansion, social aspects, and more activities alongside the following:

  • Mastery System: By completing challenges along one of the mastery tracks, players will level up and unlock new ways to customize their Slayers’ abilities. This system will start out by introducing tracks for each weapon and Behemoth in the game, with the potential to expand to new territory later on.
  • This summer, Dauntless is joining forces with Twitch to bring you four full months of Twitch Prime rewards. Pick up a brand-new set of cosmetic armor, two in-game titles, a purple dye, supplies, and more.

In response to a fan’s question about adding more narrative content à la the opening cinematic, Art Director Katie De Sousa said that the studio doesn’t have any firm plans in place but would love to be able to tell more stories about the Shattered Isles in the future.

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