Dauntless Launches on the PlayStation 4 With Cross-Platform Play

Dauntless just officially launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it’s already making history. Not only is it part of a very short list of games that feature true cross-platform play, it’s the first game to launch on the PlayStation 4 with the feature.

It not only features cross-play, but cross-progression as well. True cross-play was one of developer Phoenix Lab’s desires when it was originally planning the launch of Dauntless, and now it seems to have gotten its wish.

When Dauntless was first announced, Phoenix Labs coined the phrase “One Dauntless” to personify its goals. While the plans were ambitious, the team managed to make it work, with Sony, Microsoft, and Epic Games putting in their efforts to make the dream a reality. Ports for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices are also in development, and cross-play will expand to those platforms, as well.

The fact that Dauntless launched with cross-play on the PlayStation 4 is an unprecedented move, and possibly signals a major shift in Sony’s policy. Only two other games currently support full cross-platform play, which is technically still in a beta on PlayStation 4. The first game to support it was cultural sensation Fortnite, and the feature came a year after launch. Sony’s cross-play program later expanded to Rocket League earlier in 2019.

There are still many noteworthy titles that lack cross-platform play, perhaps most notably Minecraft. However, the list of games featuring cross-play is continuing to expand, and Sony seems to be reconsidering its stance on the feature. And with the PlayStation 5 on the way, we could even see more games launch with cross-play in the future.

Dauntless puts players in the shoes of a Slayer tasked with protecting a shattered earth from the monstrous Behemoths. They can team up with players on all other platforms, and can take their progress to whatever platform they choose.

Dauntless is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Ports for the Nintendo Switch and mobile will be coming soon.

[Source: IGN]