You Won’t Get to Be Dauntless on the PS4 in April

Originally set to launch in April 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, Dauntless will now arrive in summer 2019. However, the free-to-play action-RPG’s release on the Switch and mobile devices is being shifted to a nebulous 2019 launch window. These release schedule changes, according to developer Phoenix Labs, are in an effort to “polish gameplay, stress-test for scale, and complete additional features in time for launch on console and the Epic Games store.”

Additionally, the extra development time will afford the studio a chance to refine some of the features it already has in place. For example cross-play support for consoles is currently in development. Moreover, Phoenix Labs aims to expand friends lists, improve upon matchmaking, and much more.

For a better understanding of what Dauntless has to offer, check out the console announcement trailer below:

In Dauntless, a cataclysmic event breaks the world into pieces, leaving behind floating masses of land known as the Shattered Isles. From this event also arose a new threat, massive beasts called Behemoths. Their very existence may spell doom for what’s left of the world. That is where players enter into the picture, adopting the role of a “Slayer” (no relation to Buffy) to strategically slaughter Behemoths.

Slayers will not have to go it alone, either. Evidenced by the features noted above, teaming up with friends is part of the fun of Dauntless. With the game now set to launch on an unspecified date this summer, it appears console players will have to wait a little longer to discover just how fun it can be.

[Source: Gematsu]