Dauntless Will Debut on the PS4 Next Week

Phoenix Labs’ action-RPG Dauntless was initially meant to hit the PlayStation 4, PC (on Epic Games Store), and Xbox One this past April. A push to an unspecified summer 2019 release date saw the title delayed. Now, Dauntless’ launch window has been narrowed down even further. Curious players can begin exploring the Shattered Isles when Dauntless releases on May 21st. It will hit the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices sometime later this year.

In addition to a release date, Phoenix Labs also revealed plans to add improvements and content updates to the experience, which are being carried over from the beta on PC. According to Gematsu, a couple of these updates include the following:

The Mastery System:

  • A new way for Slayers to hone their skills, earn experience, unlock achievements, and acquire new rewards. Each Behemoth and weapon has its own unique Mastery card for players to delve into.

Massive Campaign Rework:

  • Everything from questing and crafting to meeting other Slayers and pursuing Behemoths has received massive updates. The rework also introduces a brand new “End of Hunt” screen, providing Slayers with a wealth of information, including progress made in various Mastery cards, quest rewards, Behemoth break parts earned, and more.

The month-long delay gave the developer an opportunity to further expand upon all Dauntless has to offer. For instance, Phoenix Labs wanted to add cross-play support, improve matchmaking, expand the friends list feature, and much more. Whether or not all of the above has been achieved over the last several weeks currently remains to be seen.

Dauntless invites players to team up with friends after a catastrophic event tears the world into the Shattered Isles. Beastly creatures known as Behemoths emerge from world-altering event, leaving the little that’s left of humanity without a way to fend for itself. This is where players come in, taking on the role of Slayers to combat the Behemoths and take back control of humanity’s fate.

[Source: Phoenix Labs vis Gematsu]