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Dauntless Exiting Early Access and Preparing for a New Phase With Aether Unbound

It may not seems like it, but Dauntless has been in early access. Yes, even on the PlayStation 4. When the monster-slaying online title hit consoles this year, that only completed part of developer Phoenix Labs’ vision. Now, it is time for the next phase. Slayers will launch with Patch 1.0 aka “Aether Unbound.” Later this month on September 26th, Dauntless will officially leave early access. That same day will see the launch of the “Aether Unbound” update across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Upon “Aether Unbound’s” September 26th arrival, Phoenix Labs plans to unleash a host of fresh content with a new weapon, Behemoth, and more. Some of the additional content the studio named in its blog post on the matter includes the Aether Strikers weapon, a Bounty System, and the brand-new Dire Behemoth–Tempestborne Stormclaw.

Get a taste of what’s on the horizon for Dauntless in the “Aether Unbound” trailer below:

The patch launching later this month is not all the team at Phoenix Labs has up its sleeve, either. Dauntless will continue to receive updates throughout the remainder of this year, as the studio works on new features and general game improvements.

This news comes on the heels of Patch OB 0.9.3, which launched only a week ago on September 5th. In that patch, myriad additions and quality of life improvements were woven into the experience. A few of the most notable additions included saved loadout slots, the unlocking of the Ramsgate tavern, new weapon mods for swords and chain blades, and an update to Dauntless‘ UI. Meanwhile, some of the quality of life changes involved an increase in the drop rate of exotic materials, and a wide variety of bug fixes.

Dauntless is playable now for free across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Phoenix Labs]