Square Enix Unveils Five Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Driving Gameplay and a Screenshot of Caem

During PAX Prime 2015, Game Director Hajime Tabata re-confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will be released in 2016, with a special event in March 2016 confirming the exact date.

Also during the big event, Square Enix showed off five minutes of driving gameplay from FFXV, which you can see in the video above, carrying this description:

The shimmering blue sea unfolds along this scenic coastal route—but no road is without a bump or two. Driving the car in Final Fantasy XV can occur either manually or automatically; take the wheel and steer clear of trouble yourself, or let the digital chauffeur see you to your destination in safety and style.

If you missed the Active Time Report at PAX, Square Enix did a quick recap video:

To see the full 56-minute ATR, you can watch it on YouTube.

Finally, a new screenshot was unveiled, offering a glimpse of Caem, a secret outpost near the sea that acts as a port for transferring players between continents:


At Tokyo Game Show in September, Square Enix will hold another Active Time Report, which will cover more details on Luna and Regis, as well as information about the fishing (mini-game) and chocobo-related features.