Upcoming Turn-Based RPG Demons Age is a Story of Greed, Jealousy and Aggression

Bigmoon Entertainment has revealed the backstory for its upcoming turn-based RPG, Demons Age, which is scheduled to launch in Q1 2016.

Moragon, a land that was peaceful for centuries was struck by greed, jealousy, and aggression, paving way for the Lord of Darkness to grab the opportunity to rise again. Although the people of Moragon managed to defeat him and his army of demons, a certain sect planned to unleash the demons from hell on Moragon once again, resulting in the kingdom plunging into chaos.

According to the developer:

For centuries, Moragon had been a peaceful land where Elves, Dwarves and Halflings have lived their lives with little or no interaction between their respective communities. But when humans arrived, they brought with them trade and in the process established routes from the north to the south of the peninsula, radically changing the lives of the inhabitants as mutual benefits were enjoyed by all throughout. Yet, as is often the case with financial success, greed, jealousy and aggression soon followed, resulting in vicious power struggles amongst the different beings of Moragon. Taking advantage of the disarray, the opportunistic Vazuhr, the Lord of Darkness who had lain dormant for thousands of years in the depths of Moragon, seized the chance to rise again. He soon found a perfect ally in Zogalon, a powerful warlord who had already conquered the biggest port in Moragon and recruited Orcs into his ranks. Together, Vazuhr and Zogalon managed to open the portals of hell and unleash Vazuhr’s legions, but the people of Moragon stood firm and defeated the army of demons, banishing Vazuhr once again to the depths of hell, and restoring peace to the peninsula.

After a century of peace, rumors of strange events and demon sightings made their way to the current king, Konrad Lijak, who investigated the rumours. The news that was delivered to him by his mage, Kaldulor, drove him insane, and Konrad dissapeared without a trace. Despite Kaldulor’s attempts to explain what had happened, he was accused of treason and the King’s children, Princess Pellora and Prince Karan, were left to to rule in his stead. They tried to re-establish order in the peninsula, however the news that a sect is trying to open the gates of hell to unleash demons on Moragon plunges the kingdom into further chaos.

Players will initially find themselves surrounded by monsters on a dangerous land with little to no equipment to defend themselves with, and hence, their adventure begins.

When it releases, Demons Age will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.