Rumor: PS2 Game Siren Spotted in PS4’s Live From PlayStation (Update)


The original poster of the screenshot now says the image is a fake:


by the way i have deleted the post on Reddit not Sony because it’s a fake

p.s Sorry for my Bad Bad Bad English

Original Story:

First posted on Reddit, then noticed by members on NeoGAF with the caveat that it could be a fake, a user uploaded a PlayStation 4 screenshot that appears to show the PlayStation 2 game Siren being livestreamed on PS4.

Before deleting it, the original poster said, “When I try to watch [the stream] it gives me ‘there are no content items,’ maybe because they are testing this feature.”

Assuming this screenshot is legitimate, it could mean Sony is testing out livestreaming ahead of a reveal that could be adding PS2 games/Classics to the PS4’s PlayStation Store, or perhaps adding them to PlayStation Now.

This potential leak follows a recent PEGI rating of PS2 titles Twisted Metal: Black, Ape Escape 2, and Dark Cloud 2 for PS4, along with the announcement of PS2 Star Wars games coming to PS4.

We’ve contacted Sony and will let you know if we hear anything back.

Do you think Sony is preparing to announce PS2 game support on PS4 later this year at Paris Games Week or PlayStation Experience?

[Source: Reddit, Imgur via NeoGAF]

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