Versus – PSOne vs. PS2 vs. PS3

It’s Versus time once again here on PlayStation LifeStyle! With PlayStation’s 20th anniversary happening this week, we thought it would be a good idea to square up each console against its successor and declare a winner. And yes, before anyone asks, the PlayStation 4 isn’t part of it. Why? Well, it’s mostly due to the console being fairly new, and we just didn’t feel like it.

While we talk about each console’s hardware for a bit, we also compare what kind of impact each console had on the industry, as well as its games. Prepare yourself for our PSOne vs. PS2 vs. PS3 Versus video! Ready? Hit the play button above.

Do you agree with our winner? Which PlayStation console would you pick as the winner in this PS1 vs PS2 vs PS3 war? Let us know in the comments below.

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 Versus is PlayStation LifeStyle’s recurring video series where we we pit a game, franchise, basically anything game-related against another and pick a winner.

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