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TGS 2015 – Gravity Rush Remaster Hands-On Preview (PS4)

You already know how I feel about Gravity Rush.

Let’s see what quotes I can pluck from that to save myself some time. Aha! Here, I describe what’s cool about the navigation and core gameplay in a Mountain Dew “whoa” sort of way:

“Floating, aiming carefully, then choosing the new official direction of gravity as Kat’s main mode of transportation is insanely fun.


“Kat will jump off a ledge, free fall for several seconds, halt in mid-air, re-launch towards the underside of a balcony, land on it (now walking upside-down), and begin running with smoothness of both control and camera movement that allow the player to keep track of what’s what, the whole time. Whether falling, hovering, fighting, or moving about the city, manual camera operation constantly feels natural, and it’s always easy to see what one needs to see.”

The simple act of moving around in Gravity Rush was amazing on Vita, and with that same gameplay given an upped resolution and frame rate, it feels spectacular on PS4 as well.

I didn’t notice this very much:

“When doing one particular slide move, the player needs to turn the Vita not unlike the steering gimmick found in Mario Kart Wii.”

I have no memory of what this was like at TGS. This means that it either felt more natural or it didn’t come up during the demo. I was too busy looking at how pretty everything was and kicking Sony booth people who were trying to tell me my time was up.

 When I played it in 2012, Gravity Rush was the best I’d felt about a game since 2008’s Valkyria Chronicles. For me, even the Vita version stands as an example of top tier gaming. The Ps4 version looks to deliver that again, this time to your TV screen. I loved my brief moments with it at the Tokyo Game Show.

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